Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm all up in the low iodine

Day 4 of low iodine. The first few days were filled with anger and resentment of having to go through it again. And, by it, I mean the whole process of thinking about, going through special diets, getting injections, going through scans, and waiting again for results as if I were awaiting my sentencing. I am having a harder time dealing with the fact that this didn't end a year ago as I made myself believe. There's still a huge part of me in denial about the fact that I ever had cancer. I prefer to think of it as there was just something wrong with my thyroid. It was removed. End of story. I guess that's human nature. I'm not sure. Either that or just the nature of a nurse, or anyone else in the medical profession who thinks that illness doesn't really apply to them.

Either way, I'm in it again. I'm currently smack in the middle of this 1 week of low iodine. I am once again finding ThyCa an invaluable resource and friend. Today feels like I have accepted it a little better. And, I'm making the necessary adjustments in my life to plan, prepare, & follow through with the diet and the subsequent week of procedures and tests. Soon, it will be over and I'll have a good report and won't have to look forward to this again until a year or maybe (fingers crossed) more.


  1. I found it hard to lose weight for 3 years. I went from 115lbs to 145lbs. Last August I took natural thyroid supplements and I feel good! I'm beginning to lose some pounds already.

  2. Wish you better health dear friend.I am sure the journey is tough but don't let it demoralize you ...keep going bravely.There are worse cases than you.Nice that you are blogging and sharing.

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