Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Headaches + bitter taste = hypochondriac?

How much longer will this crazy bitter taste remain?! It's awful. Everything I eat tastes so bitter. I wish I could say that it's really affected my weight, but it's been minimal. It hasn't affected my appetite...I still want food, it just tastes horrible when I actually eat it. Instead, it just leaves me very dissatisfied.

Another thing I've noticed is a frequent headaches. And, my beloved ibuprofen doesn't even touch them. Nor does caffeine. I wonder if maybe I'm not drinking enough because everything I drink tastes bitter as well and maybe I'm dehydrated? It sort of feels like those dehydrated sort of headaches.

I wonder if I'm just crazy and feeling every little thing in my body now and 'wondering' about it because of this diagnosis of cancer? That's probably not too far off. I had an older friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer and said that it suddenly makes you analyze every little thing you feel and in the back of your mind, you can't help but wonder..."does this have something to do with my (insert your cancer here)?" I'm sure it is normal to some extent to go through this as you're finding your way from denial to acceptance. I just thought I could bypass this one since I really do feel good about this type of cancer and it's prognosis. It's crazy how that one little word means so much, though.

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