Sunday, February 8, 2009

Over the hump?

I think I just may be over the hump. I have had several good days in a row, even while working. I still get that tired achy feeling at night some times and my legs hurt. But, that too seems to be getting better. Fewer and farther between, anyway. I do think one of the keys it seems, for me is allowing at least an hour after taking my Levoxyl before I eat.

A friend who has Hashimoto's thyroiditis and has been going from doctor to doctor to find someone who will take her complaints seriously is now taking Armour. She's going to a medical doctor who practices in alternative medicine. Seems the best of both worlds. Someone who understands the body's physiological functioning in the traditional and non-traditional sense. Anyway, she mentioned that absorption is not an issue with Armour, as she takes it sublingual (under her tongue). When drugs are taken in this manner, they get into your body nearly as quickly as if they were given intravenously. So...I'm wondering if the same could be done for levothyroxine drugs. Obviously, I'm no pharmacist. It may be that levothyroxine needs to be administered on a more sustained basis to provide your body with the metabolic demands it requires. I'm only speculating. But, nonetheless, how great would it be to just pop it under your tongue and then go about your day?

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