Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RAI is scheduled for Friday the 13th (March)

The wheels are in motion for my radioactive iodine treatment. It will be scheduled for Friday the 13th, in March. And, I don't even consider it bad luck. In fact, I set the date. Not because it is Friday the 13th. The date has no significance to me other than it is before a week long vacation and I'm trying not to miss any work.

I dread the 2 week and 2 days of low iodine diet. However...I received some really great news last week. My endocrinologist, whom I absolutely love, is going to let me keep taking my Levoxyl and I will be getting Thyrogen injections two days before the treatment and the day before the treatment. This is great news because I don't have to get hypothyroid. I can be functional! The Thyrogen will basically stimulate the remaining thyroid tissue to take up the iodine.

I realize there are a couple of schools of thought about this versus the conventional way of coming off of your medication and becoming hypothyroid. I feel confident in my doctor's opinion. I have researched it and asked him the questions I wanted and he answered all of them to my satisfaction.

I hope this isn't just the honeymoon phase of my relationship with my endocrinologist. But, I really really like him. And, I'm so happy about that. I've heard more horror stories of how patients don't trust their endocrinologists and don't feel as though they are being treated properly.

I'm actually in awe of how well things seem to be going for me. I love my surgeon, I had a great operation, I can't believe how well I was treated in the hospital (Vanderbilt), I have had a really good recovery thus far, and I am really pleased with my endocrinologist. However, if I begin to write in a few weeks that I really love this new low iodine diet and I think I'll probably adopt it as a new way of life...future note to self: Have head examined immediately.

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