Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally, a good review on thyroidectomy

Several people, with the exception of one whom I asked to be candid, have been offering up their 'horror' stories about their thyroidectomy or someone else's they get the picture.

It seems by far, the majority of complaints are post-thyroidectomy issues with thyroid replacement therapy and trying to get their levels regulated. Everything from being barely able to function from doses too low, to not sleeping for 3-4 days because of doses too high. I'm happy to get this cancer out, but not looking forward to the aftermath.

Today, I heard my first 'good' story. A colleague reported that she saw a friend over the weekend who had recently had a partial thyroidectomy (turned out cancer as well) and she reported that she did not have any post-op pain at all. Believable or not...I couldn't help but be a bit inspired upon hearing the good review. I won't delude myself into thinking that I shouldn't have any pain whatsoever. However, it sure was good to hear a little good news today.

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