Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back, baby!

Surgery complete, hospitalization over, home once more! I was released from the hospital yesterday after my drain finally was close enough on how much it was putting out that it could be removed. They gave me the option to come home with the drain and come back on Monday to have it pulled...but, in the words of my husband...."It's nice to leave with nothing left in you...".
And, I find that he is usual. Sad, but true.

I'm told the surgery went wonderfully. There were one or two lymph nodes that the cancer had metastasized to, but big deal. Just means they took them out and that I'll be receiving the radioactive iodine therapy in a few weeks. The best news about it is that my surgeon didn't feel like the lymph nodes that were suspected on the ultrasound that were higher up, were anything to worry about at this point. Which means....he only had to extend my neck incision a little bit, vs. going all the way up my neck laterally.

Uneventful course at home thus far. This is my first day on my own at home. Very quiet. Very nice. I haven't had any pain medicine yet today. I'm a little achy. I'm going to try Tylenol first though. I feel stronger than I did yesterday. Though, I still may nap this afternoon. I'd like to get up, clean the kitchen, vacuum the rug and do some laundry....however, I'm pretty sure my husband would try to have me re-admitted or committed. So, one step at a time and everything will fall back into place.

Thinking of having my husband take some pictures of the incision to post on here as progress. Everyone was saying how great the incision looked....except my dad. He just kept saying, "Oh, that looks bad...they really had to open you up.". Wow....a little filter please, Dad. It's OK. He's not medical and I guess I should expect that from a parent. I'm using my 4 yr. old as the barometer, anyway. They're the most honest. She didn't freak out at the drain when it was still in...and, only once yesterday did she say, "It looks a little worse, Mommy. I fink maybe you should rest."

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