Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First energy crisis today

I could barely move today. I spent 75-80% of my day in or on a bed. Didn't really even care if I ate or not. At first I had chills and a horrible headache, then I was just tired and had no energy. I wanted so badly to get up and get some things accomplished. The tree for instance. The Christmas tree is still up!! Things go so crazy after my diagnosis at Christmas that it was just like survival mode or something to get through each day and do the bare minimum. Finally, I forced myself to get up, eat lunch (around 3pm) and get a shower. After that, I did feel better. I was able to gather a load of clothes, which I asked my 4 yr. old to carry down (without much persuasion) and I washed and dried them. They aren't folded...but, at least they are clean. Also, I was able to write on my blog (aside from this entry), and supervise my 4 yr. old's bath and get her into bed. I ended up feeling better about things, but I was very discouraged by the lack of energy this morning compared to the other mornings thus far. I'm blogging about it to keep an accurate account of my perceived energy levels. Hoping for progress.

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