Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Low iodine diet stress

Post operatively, they told me that I would definitely have to take a radioactive iodine treatment or RAI. Upon researching it a bit, I find there is a lot more to it than just swallowing some little crazy radioactive pill (the Matrix and Alice in Wonderland come to mind). Apparently, you have to prep your body about 2 weeks ahead of time by getting all of the thyroxine out of your system to make it hungry for the iodine. This means that you have to stop your thyroid medication and put yourself on a low iodine diet. I'm a nurse, for the love of God, and I don't even know all the foods that are high in iodine or low in iodine. So...I'm starting early on the stress (since I'm home for at least 2 weeks recovering) and worrying about it now. Thankfully....our friends at ThyCa.org have already figured it all out for me.

If you haven't yet checked out their website, it's a must. There is a free downloadable low iodine cookbook. I know, I know....cooking seems like the last thing you want to do. But, since it's difficult to determine the amount of iodine in prepared and manufactured foods....apparently, you're better off to cook your own. And...a tidbit from ThyCa...ahead of time because the last thing you're going to want to do is cook new recipes when you're thyroxine is depleted and you're metabolism is running on E. So, I guess this is one time it has really paid off to start worrying early.

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