Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank God for AFLAC

Two and a half years ago when my mother was diagnosed with stage IIIb lung cancer, she was going through paperwork and remembered this policy she had. It was an AFLAC cancer policy, actually also some sort of accident policy on it as well, offered through her work. She was a brilliant lady for many reasons, including having the foresight to purchase this policy. She died only six months into her diagnosis and barely got to work a month of that time. Now, my parents were frugal and had come from the generation who 'puts back' and 'saves for a rainy day'. Still, having that policy helped tremendously with the additional financial stress that cancer can hand you.

About a month after my mother died, I decided it probably would be a good idea if I purchased one of those policies as well. My work didn't offer it, so I decided to get online and seek out a local representative. I did. Her name is Terri. She was ridiculously helpful, considerate and flexible.

Now, as I'm going through the already growing pile of medical bills and insurance EOB's, needless to say, I'm so thankful for AFLAC and Terri. I guess I'll be getting to put her helpfulness, consideration, and flexibility to the test over the next few weeks and months as I begin turning in claims. But, as for now....I recommend this to everyone out there. Thyroid trouble or not, history of cancer in your family or not.....chances are, it's going to get us at some point. I'm not trying to be morbid...just trying to give you a cushion for your fall.

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