Saturday, January 3, 2009

They're going to think I'm crazy with a list of symptoms like this! I do!

I have my initial appointment with the endocrinologist on Tuesday. Yes, that's right...I skipped ahead to the ENT consult when I started having increased pressure in my throat. Anyway, they sent a patient packet to be filled out before your appointment and I think I must have circled something in every body system as far as symptoms. That's crazy! They are going to think I'm a nut job or something.

I feel sort of guilty/defensive about having so many symptoms. I'm wondering if everyone feels like that, or is it just some screwed up thought process I have because I am a health care professional and I feel as though I should be immune to health issues and that I shouldn't complain or have 'symptoms'. But, another part of me feels compelled to disclose all of these weird little symptoms I've been having in case they have anything to do with this mess that is my it might help him solve some sort of puzzle or something. Oh well, I guess it is what it is. And, hopefully soon I'll know what it is. I'll hopefully have a few more answers to why I feel so ridiculously fatigued and when I may get some energy again. And, weighing heavily on my mind right now: Is my daughter now at increased risk for thyroid cancer as well?

From what I hear and read, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg compared to what many patients, especially women, have had to go through with their thyroid to get answers. Mine seems terribly expedited compared to what they've had to suffer. When I think back to how long I've felt fatigued and slowly been gaining weight and lots of other symptoms, it's been almost 5 years. However, I've had as much trouble convincing myself that something was wrong as these other women have at convincing their doctors that something was wrong. And, for that...I do feel like I'm not any better than the doctors who have been ignoring those women's symptoms. I can't blame a doctor for not treating me...I can only blame myself.

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